XIV RELOP General Assembly

On the 18th November 2021 the XIV RELOP General Assembly took place in virtual format.
The meeting was chaired by the President of the General Assembly, Almerindo Fonseca (ARME).

At the beginning of the General Assembly, the Director of RELOP, Efrain Cruz (ANEEL), gave a speech thanking the regulators present for their participation. He also recalled Dr. Maria Cristina Portugal, President of ERSE and Executive Director of RELOP, who passed away on the 8th of September 2021, paying her tribute and saluting her work ethic, dedication and human qualities.

During the meeting, a balance of the activities carried out during 2021 was presented. It was concluded that most of the activities were carried out, suspending only those that, due to pandemic constraints, could not be accomplished.

Subsequently, the activities carried out during the year 2021 were presented; the preparation of the new Strategic Plan for 2022-2025 began; and the Activities and Budget Plan for 2022 was approved.
It was also unanimously decided that the current Governing Bodies would remain in office until the next General Assembly, in March 2022, which should take place in São Tomé and Príncipe, organized by AGER and ANP-STP.

Finally, the members reiterated their willingness to cooperate and share knowledge and experiences within RELOP, agreeing to reinforce their commitment to the programmed activities, and to actively contribute to the evolution of the Association.