Session II: Impact of climate change on the hydrocarbons sector

On the 29th October 2021, the second session of the II RELOP Cycle of Debates took place, dedicated to the “Impact of climate change on the hydrocarbons sector”.

During the session, the evolution of this sector throughout history was discussed, driven by the growing energy needs of the expanding society. The current situation in the hydrocarbons sector was also discussed, where we observe a gradual replacement by fuels with progressively lower carbon emissions.

Regarding the role of renewables in this sector, the debate focused on the replacement of conventional fuels with low-emission alternatives. Examples were presented of traditionally oil and gas companies that are expanding their energy supply through investments in the renewable sector. Many of these companies are starting to invest in off-grid solar parks and rural electrification projects, in Portuguese Speaking Countries.

It was concluded that the future will be traced through the articulation of different energy sources, diversifying the energy mix through technological development. This symbiosis will allow for the minimization of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, contributing to the goal of “net-zero”, halting climate change.

The session was moderated by Olegário Tiny, Executive Director of ANP-STP.


Event Recording

Music: Caravan by Firefl!es