XIII RELOP Annual Conference

The 13th Annual Conference of the Association of Energy Regulators of the Portuguese-Speaking Countries (RELOP) is scheduled for November 9, in Oporto, to be held at the Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda. The Conference is part of the annual program of meetings between RELOP members.

The Conference will be dedicated to Resilience and Energy Transition as a way to respond to the geopolitical impacts on the global energy sector. Highlighting the key role of resilience and energy transition, we will seek to identify the opportunities and challenges for our countries to have technological solutions for decarbonisation and sustainability, ensuring a fair and inclusive transition, as well as identify new themes that reflect current concerns.

The Conference promoted by RELOP will be attended by national and international experts in the energy field, representatives from academia, companies and sector associations from Portuguese-speaking countries.

In addition to RELOP members, representatives from academia, diplomacy, students, companies and sector associations, as well as the general public, are invited to be present.

Participation in the 13th Annual RELOP Conference is free of charge, but subject to prior registration.