About us

RELOP – Association of the Portuguese-Speaking Energy Regulators – is an international organization, focused on the promotion of professional training and knowledge-sharing between specialists and professionals of the Member-Entities.


Emerged from the convergence of wills manifested in the Conference “Energy Regulation in Portuguese Speaking Countries” by 5 regulators, RELOP was founded in 2008.

In 2018, with the deepening of the union between Member-Entities, RELOP acquired the legal status of “Association” under Portuguese law, which formalises its activity.

This change allowed the Association to further its recognition and raise its activity patterns, with new initiatives and projects.

Presently, RELOP consists of 12 members.


RELOP annually organizes different types of activities for its members, as well as for the general-public. 


– Training between Peers

– Technical Training on Regulation

– Technical Awards on Regulation


– Annual RELOP Conference

– Publication of Studies and Reports


– Monthly Newsletter (for now only in Portuguese) “InfoRELOP”

For more information on the Association’s activities please refer to our Strategic Plan 2022-2025 and the events held since 2008.

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