VII Annual RELOP Conference

The regulation of energy sectors in times of paradigm change

The VII Annual RELOP Conference, which took place in the city of Praia, Cape Verde, on the 4th and 5th of September 2014, was organized by ARE – Agência de Regulação Económica, and allowed for a healthy debate on the regulation of the energy sectors in times of paradigm change.

The energy sector of the Portuguese Speaking Countries is going through a period of important transformations, product of, on the one hand, the acceleration of the integration of renewable energies in the electrical sector, and on the other hand, the restructuring of the prices control mechanisms and the fossil fuel subsidies, as a way to limit the fiscal impact and correct market disruptions.

The conference also provided a reflection opportunity to the regulatory entities on the role they can assume in strenghtening the technical cooperation and the training and transfer of knowledge not only between its associates, but among all countries part of the Portuguese Speaking Community (CPLP).

I Panel – Global Panorama

II Panel – Electricity and Renewable Energies

III Panel – Natural Gas and Oil

Technical Seminar